The basics to manage your workflows, whatever their type. And one section by workflow type to master your workflows and discover our tips

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Understand your "Workflows" pageThe "Workflows" page is your main working page on LoneScale, it's important to understand it
Status of WorkflowsUnderstand and edit the status of your workflows
Edit your WorkflowsChanged your mind and want to change your workflow criteria? Let me guide you through workflow edition!
How LoneScale fetch contacts information?In your workflows, you can choose decision-makers suggestions. They are the people attached to the Sales Intents
Export the results of your workflowsWith this article, you'll understand where to find your results, how to understand them, and how to download them
One-shot VS PeriodicityThis article will help you understand how the periodicity of workflows works
Delete your workflowsYou can delete useless workflows