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One-shot VS Periodicity
One-shot VS Periodicity

This article will help you understand how the periodicity of workflows works

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Oh hey LoneScaler! πŸ‘‹

The periodicity works in the same way for the 3 types of workflows. Let me guide you.

β˜€οΈ When you create your workflow, choose your periodicity in your workflow settings

When you create your workflow, you have to choose your periodicity, it's a mandatory field. You can choose if:

  • your workflow will be recurrent: in this case, you have to choose its periodicity. Periodicity is expressed in days

    • for example, for a "Lead Generation" workflow, you can choose a periodicity of 7 seven days to receive weekly Sales Intents

  • or if it will have only one run: its a one shot workflow

    • for example, for an "Accounts Enrichment" workflow, you can choose a one shot periodicity if you only need to enrich the companies once

⚠️ πŸ” There is only one rule for the "Contact Tracking" workflow -> you can't choose a periodicity fewer than 30 days!

There is no right periodicity, it depends on your needs πŸ€— !

β˜€οΈ Practical information about periodicity

  • When you create a workflow, it starts immediately

  • You can't change the periodicity when you edit a workflow

  • To make everything easier, you can see on the down of each workflow the date of the last run (orange on the image below) and the date of the next run (green on the image below).

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