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There are different ways to get and analyze the results of your workflows. Let's review all your options!

1️⃣ Understand your results according to your workflow type

  • With a "Lead Generation" workflow you will have a list of job offers with a lot of information about companies

  • With an "Accounts Enrichment" workflow you will have a list of companies with a lot of KPI, according to the settings of your workflow

2️⃣ Get your results directly in your CRM

The best way to use LoneScale is to integrate it directly into your working ecosystem 🚀. You can send the results of LoneScale directly to your CRM to feed your Sales Team for example.

3️⃣ Download your results

Below each workflow, you have an export feature. You can export as many times as you want. Remember to:

  • Click on the "Export" button

  • In the pop-up:

    • select a period:

      • for the "Accounts Enrichment" and "Contact Tracking" workflows you have only one period: Total

    • switch on if you want to include "unmatched" results

      • for a "Lead Generation" workflow ➡️ "unmatched" results = job offers that don't match your criteria

      • for an "Account Enrichment" workflow ➡️ "unmatched" results = non enriched companies

      • for a "Contact Tracking" workflow ➡️ "unmatched" results = non enriched contact

You will be redirected to the "Files" page. On this page you can see all your files:

  • Their name (= name of the workflow + periodicity + type of results)

  • Their creation date

  • Their type ("Lead Generation" or "Account Enrichment" or "Contact Tracking')

  • Their status:

    • Pending: your file is processing (orange on the image below)

    • Ended: your file is OK, you can download it

You can select one or more workflows and:

  • Download it (wait until the status is ended)

  • Delete it

4️⃣ See your results directly in LoneScale App > ⚠️ only available for "Lead Generation" workflow

  • Select "Results" in the sidebar

  • Choose the workflow you're interested in. You can select one or multiple workflows

  • Push "Apply Filters"

  • You can see:

    • every company in your workflow's results

    • and all the information on these companies:

      • job offers matching your criteria

      • staff count

      • tools used

      • ...

Still have questions?

☀️ If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, please ask our lovely team on the LoneScale chat ❤️

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