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🔍 Create a "Track Contacts Job Changes" workflow
🔍 Create a "Track Contacts Job Changes" workflow

Keep your contact data up to date, be notified of job changes, etc. Learn how to create a "Contacts Job Changes" workflow

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🔍 "Track Contacts Job Changes" workflow

🤓 "Contacts Job Changes" is not the only kind of workflow in the LoneScale platform! Discover 4 other workflows

☀️ Prepare your contacts list

First, you need to create a list of Contacts to enrich it. You can create a list with different kinds of data, but some are more powerful.

1️⃣ Prepare the contacts field

Do you have your contacts' LinkedIn URLs? If yes, go directly to the next section "2️⃣ Extract the contacts list".

If you don't have your contacts' LinkedIn URLs, LoneScale can retrieve them. More information we will have from the following, the more reliable the results will be: "linkedin_url", "full_name", "first_name", "last_name", "location", "current_position", "company_name"; "email". Some examples:

Contact field

% of success

LinkedIn Url


full_name + company_name + location + current_position


full_name + company_name + location


full_name + company_name + current_position


full_name + location


full_name + current_position


💡 Tips: Connect your CRM in a few clicks and forget the spreadsheet

2️⃣ If your CRM is not connected to LoneScale: Use our native integration or extract the contacts list from your CRM, database, or other data source

💡 Use our native integration:

💡 Use our API and webhooks: follow here 👈

💡 Tips: LoneScale keeps your custom column. For example, use your CRM_id to easily match your contacts when you update them in your CRM.

☀️ Create a "Contacts Job Changes" workflow

1️⃣ Let's get started! Click on the + button to add your first workflow!

  • Go to the Contacts page

  • Click on "Start tracking contacts"

2️⃣ Choose the contacts you want to track

  • Select a list - MANDATORY

    • From your CRM ( ⚠️ you need to connect your CRM and set up your integration before launching the Contacts Job Changes)

    • From a CSV that you import

      • First, you need to create a list

      • Then, you can choose one or more lists of contacts you want to update

3️⃣ Export results

Choose your output

  • Webhook

  • Excel file (always available even if using API, webhook, or the native integrations)

  • HubSpot or Salesforce native integration (more info here!)

4️⃣ Workflow Settings

  • Set a tracking frequency - MANDATORY

5️⃣ Click on "Save Workflow" and watch the magic happen! ✨

Now you know how to create workflows, understand their status, or delete them when you no longer need them!

Still have questions?

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