Create a list of Contacts

You can create a list of contacts and enrich it thanks a "Contact Tracking" workflow

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Oh hey LoneScaler! 👋

"Lists" are central in LoneScale: you can import an Account or a Contact list and then use it in a workflow 🚀 !

There are 2 kinds of lists with specific usages:

☀️ Few examples of what you can do with a List of Contact

  1. Enrich a all the contacts of your CRM

    1. create a list of your contacts from your CRM

    2. create a "Contact Tracking" workflow with this list

    3. track 100% of your customers and prospects

    4. receive enriched contacts

    5. be notified when someone changes jobs or companies

      1. 3x sell

      2. 20% of your contacts change jobs every year

      3. reduce churn by knowing customers' changes

  2. Retrieve Linkedin URL from contact Data

    1. create a list of your contacts without Linkedin URL from your CRM

    2. create a "Contact Tracking" workflow with this list

    3. get the LinkedIn URL and enriched contacts

To begin with, you can do this action via our public API 🚀 ! If you choose to do it manually, please follow these steps

☀️ Create a CSV of Contacts in order to import it in LoneScale

  • You can export the Data from any endpoint you want: for example your CRM or another tool with customer data

  • Create a CSV with this Data

  • Your file must contain at least 2 of the following columns:

    • "linkedin_url" "full_name" "first_name" "last_name" "location" "current_position" "company_name" "email"

  • Your file must contain 10 columns maximum, so you can add more columns to your CSV for example, you can add an ID of contact. In this way, you have a unique and personalized identifier that you will find in your results

Example of a CVS:

☀️ Import your List

  • Now you have a perfect CSV, you just have to import it in LoneScale

  • Click on the button "Import your first list" (if you already have lists click on the add button)

    • Select "Contact List"

  • Please follow the instructions on your screen (maximal size for your file, ...)

  • Choose a name for your list

  • And let's go!

☀️ What to do with a Contact list?

Well done you have imported a company list, now you can:

➡️ When you create a "Contact Tracking" workflow:

  • Include it to enrich all your contacts

➡️ "Lists" page:

  • Download it if you need to check it

  • Delete it if you don't need this list or if you have reached your maximum number of lists (you cannot delete a list that is used on a workflow)

Still have questions?

☀️ If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, please ask our lovely team on the LoneScale chat ❤️

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