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Account "Enrichment” Workflows
🎯 Create an "Accounts Enrichment" workflow
🎯 Create an "Accounts Enrichment" workflow

Learn how to create an "Accounts Enrichment" to enrich on demand a list of companies with the dataset most relevant for you

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Oh hey LoneScaler! 👋

🎯 "Accounts Enrichment" workflow

🤓 "Lead Generation" is not the only kind of workflow you can create! Discover 2 other workflows

☀️ Prepare your list of Accounts

1️⃣ Prepare the contacts field

First, you need to create a list of Accounts to enrich it. You can create a list with different kinds of data, but some are more powerful.

Company field

% of success to retrieve companies



Name + Location


☀️ Create an "Accounts Enrichment" workflow

1️⃣ Let's get started! Click on the + button to add your first workflow!

  • Add a workflow

  • Choose "Accounts Enrichment"

2️⃣ Choose the accounts you want to enrich

3️⃣ Choose the companies information you want to include

Lonescale will enrich all accounts with as much dataset as you choose! There are 4 different datasets:

  • General information - ALWAYS INCLUDED

    • There is the basic information on the companies, it includes:

      • company name

      • company domain

      • company id lonescale

      • company linkedin url

      • company linkedin id

      • company industry

      • company staff count

      • company employee range

      • company founded year

      • company follower count

      • company address

      • company labels

      • company specialities

      • company tagline

      • company hashtags

      • company description

      • company logo

  • Tools & tech stack used by the companies - OPTIONAL

    • It includes:

      • the count of tools & tech used by companies

      • the list of the tools & tech

      • the classified list by categories

  • Job offers count - OPTIONAL

    • It includes KPI on job offers such as:

      • global count of job offers

      • count of job offers in the departments you are interested in

  • Decision-makers - OPTIONAL

    • They are people attached to the sales trigger events and have buying decision power

    • You can make a simple search or an advanced search

    • Results include:

      • company name

      • company domain

      • company id lonescale

      • people first name

      • people last name

      • people full name

      • people current position

      • people linkedin url

4️⃣ Workflow Settings

  • Choose a name - MANDATORY

    • To identify your workflows easily

  • Set a running periodicity - MANDATORY

  • If you want, you can push the results on a connection (more info here!)

Here is a video for these steps

5️⃣ Click on "Save Workflow" and watch the magic happen! ✨

Now you know how to create workflows, learn how to edit them, understand their status, or delete them when you don't need them anymore!

Still have questions?

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