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Create a workflow ✨
Create a workflow ✨

Workflows are the main element of LoneScale! Learn how to create them

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Oh hey LoneScaler! 👋

You want to create a workflow but don't know how? I'm here!

Let me walk you through each step ⬇

3 different workflows for 3 different needs

In LoneScale you have 3 different workflows. Find more information about each one below. Click on the dedicated article for more details about the creation!

💡 "Job Postings Signals" workflow

  • Description: With job buying intents. Select a country and your search criteria from job offers. Get qualified leads with accounts to target, contacts and buying intents

  • Input: your job offer search criteria ➕ your ideal customer profil criteria

🎯 "New Hirest" workflow

🔍 "Track Job Changes" workflow

  • Description: Keep track of your customers, users, champions, and prospects when they have job changes

  • Input: A list of contacts

    • in orange ➡ an example of input data

    • in blue ➡ the output result

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