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Push the results of your workflows in your CRM via a webhook
Push the results of your workflows in your CRM via a webhook

Thanks to webhook connections and native integrations, you can push the results of LoneScale directly in your CRM

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Oh hey LoneScaler! πŸ‘‹

  • Get your results directly in your CRM

  • Download your results

  • See your results directly in LoneScale App

In this article, let me explain how to get directly the results in your CRM.

1️⃣ Add a connection

  1. First, click on your "Integration"

  2. Click on "Activate" right to Webhook

    Then you have 2 options:

    1. native integrations -> follow here πŸ‘ˆ

      1. Salesforce

      2. HubSpot

      3. Salesloft

      4. OpenAI

    2. or webhook:

      • webhook is a powerful solution to automate many tasks. Thanks to webhooks you can send the results of a workflow directly in your CRM but also integrate only certain results, automate tasks like finding contact numbers, sending notifications, emails, ... You can for example use Zapier or n8n.

      • at LoneScale we love Zapier! Thanks to our articles discover how to:

2️⃣ Add your webhook URL

3️⃣ Rename your webhook

4️⃣ Send a test payload to your webhook

Wait a few second until have this confirmation

πŸ’‘πŸ™‹πŸΌ Use your connection in your workflow settings

When you have added and set up your connection (discover how in this article), you can add it as a workflow output:

  1. When you create or edit a workflow

  2. Go to the section "Workflow Settings"

  3. Switch on "Push to webhook"

  4. In the connection field you have the list of your connections with their status (active or inactive)

  5. Select the connection you want

  6. Be careful, if you select an inactive connection, Lonescale can't push anything on it

πŸ‘ Practical information:

  • For a "Job Signal Accounts" workflow:

    • Lonescale makes a push by unique company

      • Decision-makers are in an array

      • Job signals are in an array

  • For an "Accounts Enrichment" workflow: Lonescale makes a push by unique company

  • For a "Contact Tracking" workflow: Lonescale makes a push by contact-enriched

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