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💡 Create a "Job Postings Signals" workflow - Accounts
💡 Create a "Job Postings Signals" workflow - Accounts

Learn how to create a "Job Postings Signals" workflow to get buying intents from job offers

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💡 "Job Postings Signals" workflow

🤓 "Lead Generation" is not the only kind of workflow you can create! Discover 2 other workflows

☀️ Create a "Lead Generation" workflow

1️⃣ Let's get started! Click on the + button to add your first workflow!

On the accounts page, click on "add workflow

2️⃣ Define your job offer criteria to receive Sales Intent

Here, you'll be able to define every criterion linked to job offers you'll receive :)

  • Choose the country - MANDATORY

    • In this field, you can select the country you're interested in

    • ⚠️ You can't select more than 1 country/workflow

  • Define location criteria - OPTIONAL

    • You can define specific locations

    • Just need to select or type in the "Job Regions" field

    • You can add up to 10 regions or leave the field empty if you want results all over the country

  • Choose between simple search or advanced search - MANDATORY

  • For a simple search, select the department - MANDATORY

    • The department is not blocking, it's only here to give ideas for job titles

  • For a simple search, define the job titles you want - MANDATORY

    • Here, you can select through suggestions or type the exact job title you want

    • You can add up to 10 job titles

    • You can write any job title you're interested in (even if it's not in our suggestions

    • To choose the most relevant job titles, read this article

  • For an advanced search, define your request - MANDATORY

  • Choose the "since" field - MANDATORY

    • How far back in time do you want to search the job offers?

3️⃣ Define your accounts filters to have only leads matching your Ideal Customer Profil

Lonescale will enrich all accounts! So, you can filter on your important criteria. You have 2 ways of doing this :

  • Option 1: Discover new leads, defining your target by Ideal Customer Profile

  • Option 2: Find Sales Intents from leads you know, looking for specific Accounts

☀️ OPTION 1: Discover new leads, defining your target by Ideal Customer Profile

In this section, you'll be able to define Account criteria to be sure you receive relevant data according to your Ideal Customer Profile.

  • Choose Account industries - OPTIONAL

    • These are the industries of Linkedin

    • If you leave the field empty, you'll receive offers from Accounts in every industry (still matching every other criterion)

    • You can include only the industries you want or exclude the ones you don't want at all

    • You can add up to 10 job titles

  • Define employees range - OPTIONAL

    • You don't want to receive job offers from accounts with less than 500 employees? You can define it in this field

    • You can add up to 8 ranges

  • Define keywords - OPTIONAL

    • You can include or exclude important keywords for you. You can write whatever you're interested in! Tools, skills... anything!

    • We'll search these keywords in the description of job offers

    • It works like a boolean "OR": if you put multiple keywords, we'll search if at least one of them is in the job description.

    • You can add up to 10 keywords

    • ⚠️ Choose carefully keywords, because you won’t receive other job offers that match your previous criteria if at least one keyword isn’t in the description

  • Choose labels - OPTIONAL

    • Labels are a powerful classification of LoneScale that complements the industries

    • You can include or exclude labels, for example B2B or SaaS

  • Choose Tools and technologies - OPTIONAL

    • You can select specific tools or technologies used by the companies and you are interested in

    • For example, if you only want accounts using Salesforce, you can add this criterion

    • You can add 10 technologies or tools max

    • ⚠️ If you select "Salesforce", you'll only receive job offers with accounts that are using Salesforce (if we were able to detect this tool)

☀️ OPTION 2: Find Sales Intents from leads you know, looking for specific Accounts

Do you have a sample of accounts and only need job offers for this selection? Then, you can add a list or you can add every domain you need in the field "Domains".

  • Select a list - OPTIONAL

    • Then, you can include this list: for example if you want only Sales Intents for these companies. Or exclude this list, for example, you can exclude a list of customers or competitors, it's like a blacklist

  • Choose domains - OPTIONAL

    • It's the same way as the lists, you can include or exclude some domains, but you don't need to create a list before

    • If you have only 15 companies to include or exclude, you can use this field. But if you have more, I advise you to use the lists, it will be faster

4️⃣ Create a category to highlight signals

4️⃣ Choose if you want decision-makers suggestions - OPTIONAL

They are people attached to the sales trigger events and have buying decision power. You can make a simple search or an advanced search. We have de dedicated article about this section.

5️⃣ Get results

  • Export as a file (always available even using integration or API)

  • Export to your CRM (more info here)

  • Export using our API

  • -> If you want, you can push the results on a connection (more info here!)

6️⃣ Workflow Settings

  • Choose a name - MANDATORY

    • To identify your workflows easily

  • Choose the maximum number of queries used per run - MANDATORY

  • Set a running periodicity

    • Choose the number of days you want

    • For example, if you set "4" days, your workflow will run every 4 days

    • ⚠️ To have coherent results it's better that your periodicity is adapted to your "since" (for example, a run every 7 days which will fetch the job offers of the last 7 days)

    • You can also create a one-shot workflow ➡ More information about periodicity here

7️⃣ Click on "Save Workflow" and watch the magic happen! ✨

Now you know how to create workflows, learn how to edit them, understand their status, or delete them when you don't need them anymore!

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