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HubSpot application: Installation and setup guide
HubSpot application: Installation and setup guide

Connect LoneScale to HubSpot. Update contacts, create opportunities and send that data automatically to your HubSpot account

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Thank you for your interest in LoneScale! This overview outlines how LoneScale integrates with HubSpot for:

  • Contacts signals:

    • automate job changes capture,

    • capture new hires champions

    • find contacts and companies LinkedIn from emails

    • find new decision-makers within accounts

  • Accounts signals:

    • capture job signals with pains

    • detect competitors

    • capture tech stack

You will find that implementing LoneScale is a very light lift compared to most tools you connect with your CRM.

To use this offer you'll need:

  • A HubSpot account

  • A LoneScale account

To use LoneScale like a pro, we advise you to read:

1️⃣ Create a LoneScale account

  • Go to this page to create an account with a Free Trial (Available only for contact tracking)

3️⃣ Setup your connection

4️⃣ For contact tracking -> Create a list of contacts

6️⃣ Enjoy and exploit your results πŸŽ‰

Still have questions?

β˜€οΈ If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, please ask our lovely team on the LoneScale chat ❀️

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