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Get Started 🙌
Get Started 🙌

Just started your LoneScale subscription? Let us guide you through the first steps: account settings, workflows & integrations!

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We're thrilled to have you onboard!

We’ve prepared a quick guide to help you get started and discover all the great things you can do with LoneScale!

1️⃣ Set up your account

  • Log in for the first time with your email and the password we gave you

  • Go to your profile and change your password to secure your account

2️⃣ Connect LoneScale to your tools

3️⃣ Create your first workflow

  • Here we are! Maybe the most important action of Lonescale. So, we made a complete article about this, right here!

4️⃣ Enjoy your results 🥳

Still have questions?

☀️ If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, please ask our lovely team on the LoneScale chat ❤️


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