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Feed your CRM with LoneScale via N8N
Feed your CRM with LoneScale via N8N

You want to use n8n to automate LoneScale?

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Let me walk you through each step ⬇

1️⃣ Create a post webhook

Create a new workflow on :

  • Choose "Webhooks

  • Trigger Event: "Catch Hook"

  • Click on "Continue"

☀️ Copy your "Custom Webhook URL"

Warning: there is two webhooks URL in n8n "prod" and "test:

  • Production: A Production webhook is only registered when a workflow has been activated (via the switch on the top right of the page). You will never see its data in the Editor UI. To save the executions, you can either set that as a global default or you can specify that on a per-workflow basis in the workflow settings. You will then see the data from the workflow under ‘Past Executions'.

  • Test: A Test webhook is only registered in the time between executing a workflow via the UI and until the first call gets made (when it displays “waiting for Webhook call”). After the Test webhook gets called for the first time, it shows the data in the Editor UI, and then gets deactivated.

Using a test URL is better for set-up your workflow.

2️⃣ Set your Webhook URL on LoneScale

  • Go to LoneScale App and log in

  • Click on "your picture" at the right top of your screen and select "Profile"

  • Paste your "Webhook URL" in the field "URL connection"

  • Push the "Add" button (More information in this article)

  • Send a test to your Webhook to map your fields on n8n

  • Send a test on the webhook by clicking on:

    • The light picto for a test payload of a "Lead Generation" workflow

    • The target picto for a test payload of a "Accounts Enrichment" workflow

    • The contact picto for a test payload of a "Contact Tracking" workflow"

3️⃣ Receive the test on n8n

☀️ Select the integration that suits your needs

5️⃣ Activate your "Webhook connection"

  • Click on the toggle in the column "Actions". If it's blue, it's on!

Still have questions?

☀️ If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, please ask our lovely team on the LoneScale chat ❤️

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