Oh hey LoneScaler! 👋

I heard you wanted to know how to use LoneScale for tools discovery? It’s very easy.

First things first, you may want to check how to create a workflow, because “Tools and tech stack used by the Accounts” is one of the workflows’ advanced filters.

🔗 https://help-center.lonescale.com/en/articles/5972386-create-a-workflow

1️⃣ Connect on the app and choose “ADD WORKFLOW”

2️⃣ Choose the kind of workflow you want to create

3️⃣ Fill your workflow’s criterias


5️⃣ See the “Tools and tech stack used by the Accounts”? This is where the action happens!

6️⃣ Select the tool you want LoneScale to search for and start your workflow

7️⃣ Let the magic happen and download your results!

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