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How LoneScale fetch contact?

In your workflows, you can choose decision-makers suggestions. They are the people attached to the Sales Intents

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You want to receive decisions maker's contact with your Sales Intents? Let me give you some tips! When you create a workflow Account ("Job Signals" or "Accounts Enrichment") you can choose to receive Decision-maker suggestions. They are the people attached to the sales trigger events and have a buying decision power. To pick up the right criteria, ask yourself: "Who do I need to talk to? Who is my ideal decision-maker to close a deal? If I can't reach him, who works close to him?".

You have the choice between 2 kinds of search:

After your search:

Ideal if you know exactly who you are talking to!

  1. Type the job title you are looking for -> enter to validate

  2. ⚠️ Do generic and not specific searches

    1. For example, avoid "of" and think about different combinations

    2. LoneScale will give you people who have all the words you asked for, so words like "of" won't help you

☀️ What happens next

LoneScale will fetch contacts matching your criteria for each Account in your workflow results. Idea of English job titles:

☀️ Where can I find the fetched contact?

If you have selected your webhook or CRM as an output for your workflow, you will find your contact information directly in your CRM🤘 !

Otherwise, when you download the results of your workflow, you have an Excel file with 1 tab dedicated to the decision-makers:

  • the information available for each contact:

    • First name

    • Last name

    • Full name

    • Current position

    • Department

    • Linkedin URL

    • Company name

    • Account domain

    • For a "Job signals" workflow only -> Buying signals ID (it's the unique ID of the job offer, it will help you to map your Buying Signals with your Contact, people can have more than one job offer)

    • For a "Job signals" workflow only -> Buying Signals title (it's the job name of the job offer, a people can have more than one job offer)

Still have questions?

☀️ If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, please ask our lovely team on the LoneScale chat ❤️

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