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Connect OpenAI to LoneScale (native integration)
Connect OpenAI to LoneScale (native integration)
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Thank you for your interest in LoneScale!

This overview outlines how LoneScale integrates with OpenAI.

Since you are assigned a dedicated Customer Success Manager, you can expect a smooth & 100% collaborative onboarding experience where we align/help with:

  • Custom configuration to OpenAI

  • Ideas of prompt to use

  • Strategy around handoff and sales engagement/sequencing

  • Testing / QA

  • Full team training or train-the-trainer

  • Go-live!

💡Why do we connect OpenAI to LoneScale

  • Feed your CRM directly with LoneScale data optimized by OpenAI

  • Create AI sequences with LoneScale

  • Draft summaries for your sales with AI

1️⃣ Get your OpenAI API key

2️⃣ Active OpenAI on your LoneScale account

3️⃣ Setup your OpenAI prompt

💡 You can use the chat function of ChatGPT4

4️⃣ Activate your prompt in your LoneScale workflows

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