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New Hires joined ICP Account [Playbook]
New Hires joined ICP Account [Playbook]
Updated over a week ago
  • For: Sales, SDR, BDR, Account Executive, Marketing, Growth

  • Recommended for: all industries, they recently started this new role

  • Campaign’s goal: recently joined your target account or account matching ICP.

  • Don't have previous relationships with your company

  • Can fuel ABM LinkedIn Ads

1. Day 1 - Email 1

Subject: congrats {FirstName}

Hey {FirstName} - congrats to join {NewCompanyName}!

I'd imagine you're still getting the lay of the land. Here's a small gift to give you an extra boost and get some quick wins: {{ placeholder.giftcard }}​.

Many {NewJobTitle} enjoyed it with their team so I thought you might find it helpful.

I'll circle back in a few weeks to see if there's anything I can help with [insert value prop]


2. Day 7 - LinkedIn connection request

3. Day 7 - Email 2

Did you take an Oleato? Can't help myself to drink them.

Most of {NewJobTitle} aim to achieve[insert_your_research_in_step_1_about_the_company's_goals_or_this_role] in their 90 first days.

{MyCompanyName} works with companies like {SimilarCustomersNames} to [insert_your_value_prop].

Open to a quick chat?

4. Day 14 - Phone Call

5. Day 14 - LinkedIn message 1

Hi {FirstName}, here is a guide to help you there [insert guide].
Does it ring a bell?

6. Day 21 - Email 3

Hi {FirstName} - did you have a chance to check out the [insert the guide]?

I thought this part could be relevant to COMPANY because [insert your research in step 1 about the company's goals or this role].

Opposed to learning more?

7. Day 21 - Phone Call

8. Day 21 - Email 4

Not sure if you're feeling the same issues that [insert common problems you help solve for similar persona]

[Problem]: Ex: The pressure is high to hit numbers despite the market. Doing more with less headcount is expected.

[Solution]: Ex: We saved 1 hour per rep every day.

Send you the playbook? A business case?

9. Day 33. Email 5

did I push too much or not enough?

Hi {First Name} - you're busy. Just trying to gauge your interest on [insert how your company delivers value] and if we can be of help.

Is it the wrong time or there's no interest?

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