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Playbook outbound: How to contact qualified leads using a competitor
Playbook outbound: How to contact qualified leads using a competitor

Steal customers from competitors

Updated over a week ago
  • Recommended for: all industries, you detect a prospect using a competitor

  • Campaign’s goal:

  • Related subjects: cold emailing, personalization, automation, A/B testing, merge tags

  • Requirement: sourcing buying intent / sales trigger events such as job offer

1. Day 1 - Email 1

Hi {firstname},

I discovered that you are using {competitor_name} currently.

Curious if you'd be open to {insert "product benefits" vs competitor -- example: free up a budget with our per-user unlimited intent plan as opposed to {competitor_name} pricing?}.

For teams of {prospect_teamsize}, we're typically able to provide large cost savings


2. Day 5 - Email 2

Good morning {firstname},

Hope your recruitment of a {job_offer_title} is going forward.

We have great feedbacks from team with {prospect_teamsize} using {insert "key features" vs competitors} such as {insert customers name}

Open to having a chat for 20 minutes next Friday?


3. Day 10 - LinkedIn Connection

4. Day 12 - Phone Call

5. Day 15 - Email 3

Hey {firstname},

Here’s content to help you discover the advantages of {my_companyname}: {Playbook n°5}.

How is it done at {companyname}?


6. Day 18 - Phone Call

7. Day 30. Email 4

Hi {firstname},

Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from you.

Since you considered these features having benefits for {companyname}, I thought it made sense that {valueprop} could help you.

Now it's maybe not the best time to connect, let me know if I can be of help to you.

Have a nice day,


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