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Past Closed Lost Opportunities Contact joined ICP Account [Playbook]
Past Closed Lost Opportunities Contact joined ICP Account [Playbook]
Updated over a week ago
  • For: Sales, SDR, BDR, Account Executive, Marketing, Growth

  • Recommended for: all industries, they recently started this new role

  • Campaign’s goal: rekindle the customer relationship

  • Related subjects: cold emailing, personalization, automation, A/B testing, merge tags

1. Day 1 - Email 1

Subject A: {FirstName}, congrats

Subject B: Back at {OldCompanyName}

Hey {FirstName} - noticed you've joined {NewCompanyName}, congrats!

Appears like we crossed when you were at {OldCompanyName}.

Does {MyCompanyName} ring a bell?

2. Day 5 - LinkedIn message

Hey {FirstName} - in memory when we crossed paths at {OldCompanyName} evaluating MyCompanyName}. Find here a gift card to invite {NewCompanyName} team for coffee at Starbucks [inset Starbucks card 25$]

PS: can't help myself with Oleato, did you taste it?

3. Day 12 - Email 2

Did you try the Oleato?

Saw in our {CRMName} that you checked out {MyCompanyName} with {ContactNameAtOldCompany}, is that correct?

The galaxies may not have converged then but curious if you could share your thoughts from there?

Quick reminder: {MyCompanyName} helps [customers story].

4. Day 18 - Email 3

Since it looks like there was some interest while at {OldCompanyName}, would it be worth exploring {MyCompanyName} at {NewCompanyName}?

We [insert some of your latest product updates]

Open to a quick chat if {MyCompanyName} can help?

5. Day 20 - Phone Call

6. Day 25 - LinkedIn message

Hi {FirstName}, here a business case we made with [business case close to them]

7. Day 30 - Phone Call

8. Day 36. Email 4

did I push too much?

Hi {FirstName} - hope I didn't overstep. Since you've considered us at {OldCompanyName}, thought it made sense could help you at {NewCompanyName}.

Now it's maybe not the best time to connect, let me know if I can be of help to you.

Have a nice day,

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