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Previous prospects or leads at a new company [Playbook]
Previous prospects or leads at a new company [Playbook]

Here is one way to benefit from LoneScale's contact tracking:

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  • Recommended for: all industries, they recently started this new role

  • Campaign’s goal: rekindle the customer relationship

  • Related subjects: cold emailing, personalization, automation, A/B testing, merge tags

1. Day 1 - Email 1

Subject: Congrats {FirstName}

Hello {FirstName}, congrats on landing to {NewCompanyName}!

We miss working with you at {PastCompany}, but I'm sure you will rock to "{QuoteJob JostingsGoalForNewRole}".

I wanted to send a small congratulations gift for you and your team for some quick wins this quarter!


2. Day 7 - Email 2

Good morning {firstname},

How are you settling in?

Did you enjoy {GiftName}?

Have a nice day,


PS: drop here a playbook our team gathered to help new {Role} succeed in their first 90 days

3. Day 10 - LinkedIn Connection

4. Day 15 - Email 3

Hey {firstname},

Back at {previous_company}, you were interested in solving {insert "product benefits" // pains you solve and had meetings about}.

How is it done at {new_companyname}?


5. Day 18 - Phone Call

6. Day 30. Email 4

Wishing you the best at {new_companyname}

Hello {firstname},

Unfortunately, I haven't heard back from you since you changed from {previous_company} to {new_companyname}.

Since you considered us at {previous_company}, I thought it made sense that {valueprop} could help you at {new_companyname}.

Now it's maybe not the best time to connect, let me know if I can be of help to you.

Have a nice day,


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