Contact tracking - use cases

Why track and enrich contacts with LoneScale?

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Discover our main customers' use cases (our customers imagine many other useful use cases with LoneScale):

To use LoneScale like a pro, we advise you to read:

1️⃣ Track job changes to turn past customers, users, and prospects into revenue when they change company

Past customers, users, buyers, & prospects are 3x more likely to buy than average leads.
  • Fuel your pipeline with past buyers who are 3x more likely to buy

  • 25% of your contacts have a job change every year

  • +800% average ROI

2️⃣ Find LinkedIn info from an Email

Convert sign-up & Product Users into customers
  • +70% missing LinkedIn info fund

  • Make CRM contacts marketable

3️⃣ Track economic buyers' job changes to reduce churn

When a CFO leaves, he's replaced: make the best relationship from the beginning to secure your revenue
  • 25% of your contacts have a job change every year

  • when new employees arrive in a company, they set up processes, and tools in their first 3 months

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