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How to set up an intent custom object in HubSpot?
How to set up an intent custom object in HubSpot?
Updated over a week ago

Thank you for your interest in LoneScale! This overview is how to set up an intent custom object in HubSpot.

To handle Custom Objects in HubSpot like a pro, we advise you to read:

💡 Goal for an insight custom object about Contacts Job Changes:

1️⃣ Create your custom object

You can follow the HubSpot tutorial on their help center: click here.

2️⃣ Create the HubSpot associations with other objects

We advise creating associations with contact and company objects.

3️⃣ Create your property groups

Create the group of properties for your intent custom object.

💡 Expert tips: create a group for all the common properties then a group by intent type.

4️⃣ Create your insights properties to save intent data in HubSpot


💡 Expert tips: if you may use properties for sales, outbound, or any external communications => you should use a clean version of the name and properties. For example, to store a CRM name, it's better to use it as a field type a Dropdown, or a Checkbox(es).

⛔️ Don't store directly data in this property, you may need to apply the following process

  1. Save data in a property "CRM unclean" as simple text

  2. Used a HubSpot Workflow to match the unclean property with the clean property

5️⃣ Configure your layout on the intent, account, and contact views

6️⃣ 💡 Pro tips: copy your intent property to company property

If I detect in an intent that a company is using Salesforce, I want to save this information on my company.

7️⃣💡 Pro tips: use your intent in your account scoring models

8️⃣💡 Pro tips: use your intent to build leads lists and targeted campaigns

Use your intent data as GTM (Go-to-market) triggers events for your sales and marketing teams.

Set intent-based triggers to:

  • Build targeted ABM campaign lists

  • Create ADS audience

  • Invite prospects and leads to events

  • Fuel outbound sequences with leads

  • Score accounts

  • Batch and prioritize SDRs and BDRs targeted accounts

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