Create HubSpot contact lists
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Create HubSpot contact lists

Create Contact lists that will tell us:

  • Which groups or segments of Contacts we are tracking for job changes

  • Which companies are most important to you (Target Companies and/or Customers)

For LoneScale to track your key contacts for job changes, we need to know who to track. To do this, we set up different cohorts of users/contacts that you wish to track via dynamic lists in HubSpot.

When someone on one of those tracking lists changes jobs, LoneScale can:

  • update the contact

  • create/update the new account

  • create a task

  • create a record into a custom object

Differentiating these lists can be extremely helpful in prioritizing the importance of both job departures as well as where they land - using them to decide which sequence/cadence they should enter for sales engagement:

HubSpot Dynamic Lists (preferred) - connecting HubSpot lists is ideal for a few reasons:

  • We can read into your lists for a real-time view of who we should be tracking and what your target/customer accounts are.

  • You control the filtering around who/what is listed in these lists

‍CSV Upload - if you have users/contacts you want to track, and they only exist in a database external to HubSpot (i.e. Users in your application, product user database, or data warehouse), we can also read into CSV files, and still return new contacts into your HubSpot for these individuals at their new companies.

  • Note that depending on where these external contacts lie, we might be able to use our API or build a separate integration with you to pull them in dynamically.

🚨 ⚠️ 🚨 What Columns Should we Provide?

Regardless of what type of input report you create, please include the following fields if possible --- the more you can include, the better our match rate will be:

  • First Name (Required)

  • Last Name (Required)

  • Company Name (Strongly Suggested)

  • Job title (Strongly Suggested)

  • Email Address (Strongly Suggested)

  • Country location (Suggested)

  • LinkedIn URL (Suggested)

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