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Connect Salesforce to LoneScale (native integration)
Connect Salesforce to LoneScale (native integration)
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1️⃣ Login or create a LoneScale account

  • Go to this page to create an account with a Free Trial

2️⃣ Install our manage package and configure your layout

  • Video demonstration:

πŸ’‘ A sandbox version is available upon request, ask our team

3️⃣ Connect your Salesforce account from LoneScale

  • Log in to your LoneScale account

  • On the "Integration" page click on the "Activate" button

  • Write you organization name
    β€‹πŸš¨any error on the organisation name will block the login

  • Select the Salesforce account you want to use and click "Continue with this account"

5️⃣ Setup your Salesforce integration

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