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Welcome to LoneScale which is a perfect all-in-one customer insights data solution for a headhunter agency!

In this article learn how to use LoneScale for headhunter 🚀

1️⃣ Increase my turnover by finding new opportunities matching my talent pool on current customers

Nowadays, we are all facing the same issue: a lot of customers but too few talents. How can I increase my turnover with the same talent pool?

With LoneScale, I can! I am able to follow daily new job posting from a customers list. I know which kind of profiles my customers are looking for without news requests or catching back with them during a phone call.

IF: ("a customer post a close job offer") AND [one of my talents ("becomes available following a recruitment process stoped" OR "has not enough process at the same time")] = A MATCH

You have two ways of doing it on the LoneScale platform.

☀️ Case 1: create a new workflow

  • Choose your criteria according to your available profiles

    • for example, if you have Mobile Developer you can choose these criteria

  • Select your customer's domains to receive only job offers for your customer list

    (Want to learn more about workflow creation? Read this article.)

  • Organize your CRM so that each of your recruitment consultants receives offers from their customers.

  • You can also automatize a sale machine to contact your customers following a new job offer posted. Ask LoneScale support for additional information.

☀️ Case 2: use LoneScale API

We are working to allow you to use the LoneScale platform to set/upload a list and make a workflow from this list. With this new feature, you will be able to enrich all details of which job offers from a list of customers with a set timeline. In the meantime, you can ask LoneScale support to use this feature with an API connexion.

Why it's different?:

  1. Case 1: your search criteria are job offers, you filter with Accounts information.

    1. Practical to look for specific jobs. In addition, I can see if an Account from my list match

    2. Difficult to look for every job from a list of Accounts.

  2. Case 2: your search criteria are Accounts, you filter with job offers information.

    1. Practical to look for every information of which jobs from a list of Accounts.

    2. Difficult to look for only one job title. I will use a lot of queries if each Account from my list has 1000 job offers online.

2️⃣ Find new customers

If you want to find new customers, use job offers to know which Accounts are looking for talent

☀️ Step 1: create a new workflow

(Want to learn more about workflow creation? Read this article.)

  • Choose your search criteria according to the kind of profiles you work with.
    For example, if you work with Chief Technical Officer profiles:

  • Choose your filter criteria to prospect only your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) and increase your conversion rate. Thanks to our filter criteria, don't waste your time prospecting Accounts who are not your target.
    For example, if your ICP is Accounts on the Internet and the Software industry with more than 100 employees and using Node.js technology, select these criteria:

☀️ Step 2: use your buying signals to improve your sales

  • Personalize your outreach with LoneScale data, for example:

    • With a profile using their technology (Mathieu is expert a Hadoop expert)

    • With job offer details (Following your new job offer of Product Manager in Paris, please find enclosed the profile of Alexandre)

    • With job offer count (Recently you increased your hiring in the finance department. I have several talents interested in LoneScale, may be worth a call on Tuesday at 3 pm?

    => Thanks to a personalized approach you increase your conversion rate 🍾 ! Discover data you can receive in your CRM with our example

  • Be more efficient when you speak with your customer or new prospect having all details about their needs

  • Improve your segmentation of leads

  • Detect patterns between your best clients

☀️ If you haven't found the answer you were looking for, please ask our lovely team on the LoneScale chat ❤️

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